You list your property with your own account on one of these hosting platforms and we do rest for you. We do not list your property and do not collect any rent from your guests.


Property Owner/ Host


1. Property Listing on Airbnb:

Listing your property and collecting the rent is your job. We do not interfere in this section.

The Great Host


2. Get in Touch:

Have you successfully listed your property on AIRBNB or any other hosting platform? Then get in touch with us through the contact form, Whatsapp or call.


3. Handover Meeting:

After contacting TGH through phone or form we get in touch with you and agree on a first property visit and discuss the necessary service range of services in your specific case.


4. Booking:

You can book our services online or via phone. Please book your services at least 48 hours before arrival of your guests.


5. Improve Guest Rating:

Your guest will receive a warm welcome and first-class services during their stay at your residence. We do all our best to make sure that your guest’s expectations are met and you receive highest guest ratings.

Have we sparked your interest?

Get in touch with us to organize a tour of your home, get to know us and, in the future, make your rental activities on Airbnb more relaxed and carefree.