Our Idea

Our Idea

Our focus is on supporting Holiday Home owners. If you are busy or just out of town, we are here to welcome and greet your guests professionally. We take over the complete care of your Holiday Home including cleaning, laundry, maintenance up to bills payment. We want you have full control over your Holiday Home and to manage financials by your own. Therefore, you manage your rental calendar and receive your rental incomes directly your guest without our intervention.

Challenges for Holiday Home owners:

Home Challange The number of UAE Holiday Homes rented through Airbnb, and other short-term hosting platforms is rising. Often the initial effort is being underestimated in the starting phase when Holiday Home owners begin to list their properties. The complete check-in process, the timely key handover, the prior to booking visit, cleaning after check-out including inspection of the furnishings are very time consuming and complex steps. This in particular, if the Holiday Home owner is busy with another full-time job or just traveling and in very often cases living outside of the UAE. All these can make the short-term rental very stressful and time consuming.

Our solution to these challenges:

Home Solutions As a pioneer in the UAE, we have created unique package which include all the necessary services in order to inspire Airbnb guests and to release you from the property management hassle. This without collecting any rental incomes from your guests on your behalf. We promise to make your life easier and to keep you away from worrying about taking care of your Holiday Home. We discuss together what kind of services and at which level you are willing to involve us in your interaction with your guests. At the end, both you and your guests benefit from our services.